Water Damage


Building materials that are exposed to water or humidity will begin to be consumed as food for mold in about 72 hrs.  Porous surfaces will  deteriorate, smell and show signs of visible fungal growth.    

Mold effects ARE different for everyone exposed; but certaintypes of molds (mycotoxin producing)or at levels identified
as "elevated" produce an indoor environment that threatens your health.    

Although visible fungal growth indoors is not good it is ONLY through testing and analysis of the air that determines at what level of exposure you and those you care for are being exposed.
The Higher the level the more likely exposure to it may:
* Create  severe reactions and include fever and shortness of breath.
* Result in chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease and                
mold infections in lungs in otherwise healthy children.

​ SafeHouse Solutions implements the  treatment for safe Mold Removal approved by the Insurance and Restoration Industry, The States which License Mold Professionals, the ACGIH, (Certified Government Industrial Hygeniests),  The New York Standard  (created after H. Katrina ) the EPA  and HHS.      The concensus is the need to protect your Health by removing visibly affected substrates.   Don't Live with Mold! Treat the interior and physically remove the affected substrates by cutting and removing it from the indoor environment.    Got questions or concerns your invited to call us today at 216 246-3157.


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If you find porous  materials  that are Wet, Smell, Show signs of Bio-deterioration or Staining  it's likely Mold.  Call today to see is you qualify for our Spring Special "Don't Live with Mold."

Home and Business Owners and Professional Contractors within our service areas call now to find our about our Spring Special "Don't Live with Mold!"

It includes:
 * A phone consultation with a Licensed and knowledgeable mold professional happy to answer your questions and concerns and set an appointment if you would like one.

   * A Visual Assessment with an experienced expert. Includes collecting data using technology to help find the source producing microbes, odor and mold.  (Response time usually within 1 day).  

    *  A Collection of 3 samples (Mold Testing) for analysis at an independent accredited laboratory.  Results are usually returned within one business day of the analysis.

Those findings are used  for:

     *  A  professional consultation with your Lic. Assessor. 

     *  Recommendations to resolve the  source of your problem.  

    *   Writing a Treatment plan and give you an estimate to fit your needs.

Established in 2006 SafeHouse Solutions Inc sold a  product created by the US Military DOD  designed to permeate the cell wall of a spore.  

In 2007 and 2008 we were part of the Commercialization of the same Technology across the US now being used to safely render mold spores negligible in homes,  business and industrial facilities.

In 2009, SafeHouse Solutions was awarded a Healthy Homes Contract paid for by an HHS EPA HUD Grant.  The mission was to use this "safer than bleach" product to help children and their families suffering the multiple affects of  indoor Water Damage and Mold.  

While working with a world-reknown  CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) and the Mahoning County Dept. of Health we gained  knowledge and experience  unique and invaluable to helping our clients. 

Now qualified to begin training with 2 other CIH's,  we actually became one of the very few State Licensed Council Certified Mold Assessor's/ Mold Remediator's in the whole United States in 2010.  

If you have a water issue affecting your indoors or suffer from the effects of; or suspect mold give us a call to speak with one of our Licensed professionals  in NE OH?



Looking  at the  Physical damage to your property  the Indoor Air Quality  (IAQ) may appear to be the least of your problems.     But it's not!  

Failing to assess properly for contaminants which includes signs of fungus  can lead to  triggering allergic reactions,  cause disease  and continue to damage property long after the flood.  

Just as the "gross filth" needs cleaned so do the  tiny microorganisms you   can't see that cause illness.

In response to Water,  Bacteria and Visible Fungal Growth (VFG) you

can trust the Health of those you care for to SafeHouse Solutions.

Our team's built from 30 plus years of experience working to address Air Quality and other problems that threaten your Health, Safety and Property.

Certified in the  IICRC s500 , structural drying and Emergency Water  Mitigation as well as the IICRC s520 for safe Mold  removal.  

Before your water issue turns into a BIG Mold Problem, call us right away for a response usually within 1 day.

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