There are many ways that mold can grow in your home, and often times you may not even know it is there until it becomes a problem. In this article we will look at some of the many ways that mold can get into your home. 

One of the main ways that mold gets into buildings and homes comes from the failure in a system in the home, most likely water lines. When excess moisture builds up over time, mold is likely to begin. A main suggestion for a homeowner or a landlord is to have frequent checks of the property, checking for signs of moisture. This is a good idea, as being proactive will help prevent mold growth entirely.

We often overlook simple human elements that build up moisture in a home as well. Taking a hot shower, the air you breath, and in home humidifiers add a level of moisture that is not “common”. One suggestion, especially if you live in an area of the country that has high levels of humidity, is to have a dehumidifier for the times of year the humidity is high. Keeping a unit in your basement (and checking/emptying regularly) will help keep moisture levels low (30-50% humidity in a building is considered normal).

Mold can also get into your home from outside elements too. Mold is able to attach itself to your skin, or clothing, which can then be brought into your home. This is reason enough to make sure that your area is as clean as possible, especially in areas that the outside is easily accessible (air conditioning, windows, etc). 

The most common spot for mold to pop up in is your basement, so making sure the areas are attended to is key, especially if your basement is unfinished as it will be easier to miss. Humidity levels also tend to rise in the basement, so making it a routing to check the basement will go a long way!

As always we recommend that if you do get mold in your home you entrust its removal to a professional. That may seem easy enough for us to say, but if you do not remove the problem properly, it is highly likely to return. Here at SafeHouse we give a full detailed assessment using a moisture mapping process free of charge to help find the troubled area for homeowners and businesses. Based on those findings we”ll consult you on how we should proceed.  Contact us today and learn more about how we can help remove your mold issues.