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Contractors, Builders, Developers, SafeHouse has worked side by side on hundreds of build sites ensuring that as a building goes up, it stays dry, and moisture and mold free. As you know, any time you take a job, and start work you open yourself up to
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CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, & TRADESMEN, Please Click The Button Above To Head Over To Our Membership Site And Become A Member Of Our PREFERRED CONTRACTOR PROGRAM. The Program Offers A Wide Range Of Benefits, Which You Can Find Out About By Simply Heading Over To That Site & Checking it Out!

General Contractors, Builders, Re-modelers and Tradesman...





▪️STOP WORK‼️ in Potentially Contamination Area and Contact Your SafeHouse Assessor, He WILL Let You Know if Next Steps are Necessary at All.

▪️TELL YOUR CUSTOMER You Have Run into an Indoor Environmental Issue, and That the Situation Needs Addressed Through an "Environmental Management Program” Run by Your Partners at SafeHouse Solutions. Let Them Know They Will be Immediately Contacted by A Licensed Mold Assessor to Schedule a Visit in Order to Provide A NO CHARGE (LVA) Limited Visual Assessment.


▪️ TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS of (Discoloration/ Affected Area) To Document Findings and Provide Preliminary Information and Location.

▪️ COVER with Plastic and or Isolate Area as Instructed on Phone by SafeHouse Assessor Until Safe House Arrives.



▪️PROVIDE A FREE LVA, or a Limited Visual Assessment and professional consultation at NO CHARGE! SafeHouse will determine if the property has potential biological contamination and if the construction or restoration process can begin or continue safely without Liability.

▪️ PROVIDE LAB TESTING and Or Estimate for Remediation.


▪️CONTAIN OR ISOLATE The Area and Install HEPA Air Filtration (Engineering Control) if necessary so Your Work Can Continue Safely with Proper PPE.

▪️GET TO WORK in the Isolated Area While You Continue Work Elsewhere (If the Entire Space is Not Contaminated). We Will Locate the Source and Eliminate It, and Then Locate all Areas Contaminated by It and Begin the Process of Drying, Cleaning and Removing Any Contaminated Materials. Once the Area Levels are Returned to Normal Indoor Fungal Ecology We Will Break Down The Containment and Return the Area to You.

▪️MITIGATE YOUR BUSINESS LIABILITY by preventing Widespread Contamination and Reducing Your Risk from Exposure by Providing an Immediate Response to Protect Workers, Property, Residents or Tenants. In Most Cases HEPA Air Filtration and Area Isolation will enable you to Continue work Safely, Without delay. Proper Personal Protective Equipment PPE can be provided by SafeHouse if needed.


▪️PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY By Being your Licensed IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) on Speed-Dial to respond Immediately, Answer ALL your Questions and if Necessary, provide your Customer Options. Removing Mold Contamination is NOT your Responsibility, Don't Make It So, Call SafeHouse Today.



‼️If you Suspect a Potential Mold Issue Before Work Begins, A Pre-Start Indoor Environmental Assessment by SafeHouse Can Identify Potential Problem Areas and Eliminate Job Delaying Surprises ‼️

‼️If you SEE or SMELL Mold Call Or Message SafeHouse for A No Cost Visual Assessment Today‼️




As You Know, While Building, it Is Very Common That Your Site Take on Water. Prevention Is Your Best Defense Here. If Not Prevented However, It Is Imperative at That Time To Make Sure The Water Event is Handled IMMEDIATELY by Professionals, Otherwise Hidden Mold Can Develop QUICKLY!


▪️IF The Floor of Your Development Becomes Wet, It Can Quickly Transfer to Drywall, Cabinets, Baseboards and More. At That Point you will Have to Stop ALL WORK  To Remove Items Already Installed, Flood Cuts Will Need Made Into Your Finished Drywall, and A Wide Rage of Other Procedures Will Need to Take Place to ENSURE Mold Does Not Now Have the Conditions Needed for Indoor Development.


 ▪️ IF You Do Not Have a Licensed Professional Take Action Right Away, It Is Unfortunate, Yet Very Common That Businesses Are Forced to Take on BIG Losses. Having A Licensed Water Mitigator / Mold Assessor on Site While You are Building is the Best Way to Prevent Extra Work or Potential Loss from Occurring.


‼️A Good Offense Is Always Your Best Defense. Have SafeHouse on Hand To Help Prevent, Or IMMEDIATELY Mitigate Any Potential Damage Or Loss Brought On By A Water Event‼️





1. When did You Discover the Problem?


2. Did You Cause the Problem?


3. How Quickly Did You/They Respond?


4. Did your Lack of Disclosure, Inaction or Knowledge Damage the Property, Contents or Persons?


5. Did You Call a Professional?



‼️All Our Options Include Protection by Our 4-Mill Liability Binder, Mold Pollution and E & O Insurance.

Current Customers are provided enclosed Instant Snaps. Contact SafeHouse to speak with Your Area Assigned IEP‼️




What License And Credentials Do You And Your Company Carry?

SafeHouse Licensed Assessors and Remediators are Trained and Licensed by the State of Florida. Florida in One of a Handful of States who Require Licensing. Ohio Has NO Licensing Requirements.


How long Has Your Company Been In Business And How Experienced Are Your Workers?

All SafeHouse Employees Have a Minimum of 7-Years With our Company, and nearly 12  Years on Average. Experience You Can Trust and Count on in The Future.


What Type Of Insurance And Assurance Do You Provide?

SafeHouse Provides Its Customers, Mold Pollution Liability, E and O Errors and Omissions and an Additional Two Million Dollar General Liability Insurance and Umbrella Policy.


What Is the Cause and How do You Prevent Mold from Returning?

Once Lab Testing Verifies NFE Normal Fungal Ecology, SafeHouse Licensed Water Damage and Mold Specialist Will Help Diagnose the Cause and Help you to Prevent Future Growth.


What Is Your Guarantee Of Service?

The SafeHouse Guarantee is PERPETUAL! If you Manage/ Maintain Humidity Levels Below 50% and Have No Leaks, Floods or Water Intrusion, (Essentially No Change In Conditions) Mold Will Not RE-Grow, Period. The SafeHouse Guarantee Is ALWAYS In Place!!!

SafeHouse Will:

SafeHouse Also Works Closely With Contractors, Builders, and Developers In The Handling Of Water Related Issues

SafeHouse General Q&A

Your Potential Liability May Be Defined by Your Answers to The Following Questions:

A Step by Step If You Suspect Mold

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