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SafeHouse Solutions Provides a Wide Range of Professional Services to Homes and Businesses all Over Northeast Ohio. Some of These Services Include Water Removal, Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration, Mold Testing, Scrubbing and Cleaning.


Our Mission With Mold Related Jobs is to Return Your Home to Acceptable Indoor Fungal Ecology Levels.
GUARANTEE is that You Can Keep Them at That Level so Long as Indoor Environmental Conditions do Not Change.

The Process begins with a quick phone call to make sure our services are necessary. If there is an option to simply advise you over the phone on how to handle the situation yourself, we will gladly do so. If we instead believe our services are required, we will schedule an appointment to come to your home or business to perform a FREE Limited Visual Assessment to confirm and document Mold, and any subsequent damages that may result from it.


Once we have that information we will put together a Scope of Work and Proposal, or Estimate. NOTE, if anything can potentially be covered by Insurance, you will not receive an Immediate Estimate, as the billing process works differently. If anything is covered by your homeowners, or any other insurance policies you may carry, we will work together with you to get you covered.

Next, our friendly and professional expert field workers will come in and quickly seal off the affected area. Then, we will get to work with our industrial strength HEPA certified Vacuums, Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, and our EPA registered, environmentally friendly, commercial grade cleaning products until the affected surfaces and surrounding environment are thoroughly Cleaned.

Next, we go through contaminated items and building materials, salvage what we can, and properly dispose of the rest. Once the mitigation and remediation is done, we have an exceptionally skilled and professional contractor at SafeHouse who does all of our reconstruction and restoration work, should you choose that additional service. We will also follow up the remediation process with an in person check-up to conduct final testing on the originally affected areas to ensure that everything is returned to normal indoor fungal ecology levels, and to make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with all services rendered.


‼️Nothing is More Important To SafeHouse Than You, your Family's, or your Employees Health and Safety. We are a family run business who put compassion and professionalism at our forefront. Those Values, along with our proven track record, are How we Ensure That your Water or Mold Related Issues are Handled With Care by a Team you Can TRUST.‼️

Please go to our contact page and leave us a message for a call or email back, or click the chat now button in order to Speak with a live Agent right away!

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